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Moisture wicking


Bamboo fibers are naturally round and smooth, so the socks feel like cashmere on your skin.

Bamboo socks have natural wicking properties, like technical fibers, to pull the moisture away from your skin.  Your feet perspire the most, and bamboo can handle it.

The antibacterial elements of bamboo socks fight against Athlete's Foot, odor, and other things you don't want on your feet.

Good for our earth

Zockster bamboo socks are awesome to wear, and good for our earth.  Feel good wearing Zockster, and know you're doing good too.

Bamboo socks come from bamboo, which uses only 12 gallons of water

Bamboo uses only 12 gallons of water to produce one pound of fabric. Cotton takes 200 times more.

Planting one acre of bamboo snatches 150 tons of COfrom the atmosphere. This helps to fight against global warming. 

Bamboo plants grow to 115 feet tall without the need for chemicals.  Cotton farming accounts for 11% of all pesticide and 24% of all insecticide.

Bamboo socks are good for our earth.
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 — Joy at Joyful Reviews

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“Dry or damaged skin can become cracked – which allows germs to enter and cause infections...Zockster's socks are a great option.”

Bamboo socks fight bacteria.
Bamboo socks wick moisture

Bamboo socks

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